Vornair was created as a Kingdom for the up and coming game Chronicles of Elyria. Founded by a group of 4 people it quickly grew through organization, marketing, partnerships with other gaming communities, and being key supporters of the developer and studio creating CoE. Since then Vornair has become home to a very large group of gamers who do not belong to, or have lost their usual gaming communities. Due to this, the need for a gaming community arose and was taken on with gusto by Adam – the original creator of Vornair. To create an environment for those folks in the Kingdom of Vornair to have a place to play games together in games other than Chronicles of Elyria, and maintain the relationships that they have built going into whatever games they can.

Vornair is made up of all different types of gamers and gaming archetypes. To that end our goals and directions are simple.

Goals and directions

Vornair is a community built for all kinds of players. Our objective when going into games is to put in the structures and frameworks needed for all types of players to flourish and succeed. We set up systems in each game we go into that identify the types of players and the desired play styles of our members and we build our infrastructure around that. This way we have support for those folks who are competitively focused, as well as those who want to play casually with their group of friends. We often utilize our allied communities to further expand what we are able to provide to our community by way of flavor. This is to ensure that no matter the type of gamer there is something for you, and a way to play the way that you want to play in any game that we go into.

That can sound odd to a lot of people, and many would believe it isn’t possible. I would encourage you to participate and learn how we do things and invite you to see for yourself how we go about it.


All players will be held to whatever activity limits each Game Leader puts on their members for in game activity. Not staying active within the Game Leader’s parameters may get you removed from the specific games guild. However, keep in mind that all Game Leaders operate under the same understanding that we build our community around all the various player-types. Casually playing will never get you kicked from our community, though you might be relocated to one of our more casual guilds within the same game. It is important to note that some games have limitations to the number of people in a guild, this will require us to run multiple guilds in those games and set up each guild to cater to a couple of play styles each.

Chat Etiquette/Rules

  • Respect your fellow members. If you know that something is bothering them don’t push their buttons and try and cause issues. If they ask you not to speak about a specific thing or say as specific word please stop or go to a separate channel to finish the conversation.
  • NO TROLLING. This means no trolling for the sole reason to annoy people in chat. (Joking with friends is perfectly acceptable.) This is a bannable offense and may get you removed from chat for a short or permanent period of time.
  • Do not jump into random gaming channels if you do not know what they are doing and start asking everyone what’s up. Be polite and ask in a pm/tell or in game what they are doing and if you can join. There are more than enough channels for people to hang out in and talk please use them for socializing and not the gaming channels unless you are actively playing a game with those individuals.
  • Be respectful to those in the channel. Don’t talk over them while they are talking.
  • Background noise: We know that some have noise that they cannot be prevented, if this is the case then use push to talk. If you are not using push to talk then have a quiet background, no loud music going or animals going crazy. If you are raiding / in any type of scheduled event all players should be using push to talk.

This is a community for all types of folks – Adults and children alike. However, we cannot police the internet and cannot protect children from seeing what they are going to see on the internet. Conversations that take place inside the community are understood to be taking place with adults. Conversations and Activities that take place in this community can include any subject that is legal for a 18+ person to participate in. Words and context are limited only by the consideration of the members present for the conversation or activity.

This means that any language or words are allowed as long as they are not specifically offending a member. If a member has a personal issue with a word and they ask you to not use it you are expected to respect their opinion. It is also the responsibility of the members that are offended to tell those using them to please stop and if they feel uneasy doing so at the time ask an officer to do so.

Trolling is something all gamers do at one point or another and is acceptable in the community among friends, however simply trolling to get under the skin of other members will not be accepted and may be a bannable offense. Xenophobia, racist-slurs, sexism, bigotry, sexually explicit images and videos, harassment or threats (in chat or IRL), doxing, or breaking the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct for any game we are actively participating in are all absolutely bannable offenses.

Website and Forum Policy

The website and forums are a tool for our members to use to accomplish greater tasks than they could have without them. We set separate websites and forums up as needed for the games that we go into. We have taken the time to build them to help the community grow, but it falls to you the member to use them.

Common courtesy will apply on the forums in much the same way that it does for chat. Please post things in the sections that they are supposed to be and not start random topics in specific game forums. Remember that anything you put in the forums is there and will stay, think of this before you post. If you are harassing other members or trying to cause issues for the sake of trolling you may be kicked. Consider the words you use on the forums even more than you would in chat. In chat only those around the conversation will hear the words, on the forums all will be able to read them. We are adults with adult conversations and this is allowed on the forums, just make sure they are in the right place and think about your fellow members as well as our chat rules before you post.
Future leadership positions inside of the community including Game Leader’s positions for new games will be partially decided upon the member’s use of the forums as well as the way they conduct themselves in chat. Leaders inside of the community must lead in all areas of the community not just in a game or in Discord.

Leadership within the community

  • VGC Lead (Community Leader)
  • Tech Sorcerer/ress
  • VGC Admin (Community Officer)
  • GL (Game Leader)

All leadership positions are at 100% discretion of the Community Leader if in the event the Community Leader steps down they will choose the next Community Leader. Applications for leadership can be sent via PM directly to the Community Leader. Not all applications will be accepted. The list of leadership positions may be added to or subtracted depending upon the needs of the community. All CO positions will be determined by the CL. All GL positions will be determined by the CL with the input of the CO in the community. Members in Leadership roles within the community will be held to a higher standard inside the community and the game that they play. They will be expected to represent the community while in their position. Any leadership role may be lost if CL finds major fault in an activity that makes the community look bad or hinders the development of the community. Any minor leadership role below a GL will be decided by the GL in the game they are playing.